Vera II B450

Vancare Vera II B450


The battery-operated transfer device thatâ„¢s safe, reliable and easy to use!


Reduces back injuries among nursing staff which cause lost work days, worker's compensation claims, and liability insurance premiums.

Battery-powered lift can allow one nursing staff member to vertically lift residents weighing up to 450 pounds with minimal effort. Manual lowering device can be used in case of emergencies.

Tip-resistant, dual-purpose lift allows for standing pivot and seated position transfers and is easy to maneuver in tight places.

Height of foot and knee stands can be adjusted to assist people in higher beds. Slip-resistant footplate can be easily removed.

Purple baked on powder coat finish offers years of chip-resistant, non-peeling wear.

Magnetized hand-held pendant switch secures anywhere on the lift frame.

Optional wall-mounted battery charging station allows for 24-hour service.

Optional VERASCALE accurately weighs residents while they are lifted.

Complies with applicable federal and state regulations (i.e. OSHA).

Comfortable, durable back belts are easy to clean. The sitting position sling helps transfer residents who cannot bear weight.

Also available with electric expanding base!

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